Why an Attorney and Physician?

In addition to attending and graduating from Law School and being admitted to the Bars listed in the Banner on this website, Joel B. Kornberg, M.D., J.D. attended and graduated from Medical School and became licensed in Florida and New York as a Medical Doctor and practiced as an Emergency Room Physician for more than 20 years in Florida.

Thus, Joel B. Kornberg, M.D., J.D. is able to comprehensively understand many important facts about the Health Care System, Medicine and Hospital facilities that may be quite useful in certain business transactions:
• Knowledge as a Medical Doctor (M.D.) can help in our analysis and ongoing preparation/consultation for your Business Matter, if involving Health Care Professionals; and, helps to identify the Legal and Medicine/Health Care System factors involved or potentially involved.
• An Attorney with practice experience as a Physician often has great familiarity with Medicine/HealthCare System, the technical aspects of processes and procedures and of the People who work within that system. After all, we have worked in Medicine/Health Care System for many years.
• A Lawyer and Physician (M.D.) can use the Medical/Health Care System knowledge to help in applicable Business Negotiations; and also can be beneficial to help formulate questions and interrogatories, especially for Doctors and other Health Care providers, due to our familiarity with the Medicine/Health Care System, people and environment. The same ability applies to preparation for and attendance at depositions, hearings and trials; and, in particular, in situations involving a Physician/HealthCare professional or other persons involved in the HealthCare System.
• As a Lawyer who is also a Doctor (M.D.), we have the ability to conduct sophisticated medical discussions with other parties involved in the Health Care System. This may even apply to contracts and other business transactions, where, due to our familiarity with the System, we may be able to "hear" certain factors that are not audible to others.

Thus, Joel Kornberg, M.D., J.D., P.A., as an Attorney and Physician, does have knowledge of the Law and of Medicine/Health Care System This Medical Knowledge may be of great value in the Business Legal Setting.


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